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Our Code of Conduct

Science is a collaborative endeavor that benefits from the contributions of diverse perspectives. The Nunes Group welcomes eager learners of any gender identity, religion, race, place of origin, ethnicity, age, socioeconomic status, ability, or sexual orientation. Our goal is to create a safe and productive working space. Below is our code of conduct that all research group members are expected to follow.

Respectful Treatment of Others

Fostering a Professional Environment

Actions and Resources

Actions in our lab

  • All students are expected to be familiar with, and abide by, the TMU academic integrity policy. Visit the Academic Integrity Office website for more resources and information​

  • Scientific narratives have traditionally been written from the perspective of the privileged few. In weekly meetings, we will explore publications from authors historically underrepresented in STEM.

  • I strive to create a safe and harassment-free environment for all. I promote social awareness, recognize the existence of unconscious biases, and work actively to identify and further educate myself and others. I always encourage suggestions of how to further improve our working environment!

Resources and support

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