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Photo of Dr. Krystal Nunes

Dr. Krystal Nunes


I joined the Department of Chemistry and Biology at Toronto Metropolitan University in January 2022 as a discipline-based education researcher. My research expertise is in both pedagogy and ecology (specifically invasive plant ecology). I was a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Toronto Mississauga (2020-2021) where I worked with Dr. Fiona Rawle and Dr. Nicole Laiberté. I obtained my PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (2017) from the University of Toronto under the supervision of Dr. Peter Kotanen.


  • PDF (2020-2021), University of Toronto Mississauga Department of Biology

  • PhD (2017), University of Toronto Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

  • HBSc York University (2012) Physical Geography (maj.), Biology (min.)

Meet The Team

Past Team Members

Undergraduate Students​​

  • Najwa Abadi (2023) SCI999 student

  • Latisha Grbic (2023) Honours thesis student
    Project Title: Navigating academics post-remote learning: Understanding perceptions of failure among first year university students acclimating to in-person education

  • Anamika Bose (2023) Honours thesis student
    Project Title: The impact of incorporating failure narratives within curriculum on undergraduate students’ perspectives on failure and willingness to seek help

  • Jeneen Massad (2023) Honours thesis student
    Project Title: Using guided reflections and active learning to reduce the fear of failure in an undergraduate biochemistry course

  • Eman Irfan (2023) SCI999 student

  • Kabiash Jegatheswaran (2023) SCI999 student

  • Nidhi Parikh (2022) SCI999 student

  • Holly Yee (2022) Undergraduate Research Program
    Project Title: Undergraduate science students’ perspectives on failure and help-seeking

  • Diana Ghaderi (2022) SCI999 student

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